Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect the application with an existing machine or equipment?

  • Yes, because the application we developed is compatible with more than 200 brands of PLCs or controllers,
  • The application we’re developing is a plug-and-play solution with no codding required.

What is the most challenging of implementing OEE?

  • Those factories that still use manual equipment require the addition of sensors or controls,
  • Those parameters or quality that cannot be automated are replaced by manual tablet input.

What are some of the benefits of implementing FEMS?

  • Monitoring in real-time,
  • KPI monitoring by entering each energy departement’s demand,
  • It’s simple to analyze energy use,
  • Detailed report with easy time period customization.

Is Eforel's OEE/FEMS supported by a free client?

Yes, all of the applications we create are web-based and have free clients, allowing users to access them from their laptop, mobilephone, or tablet.