Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OEE Solution

Real-time Machine Availability Management for Maximizing Operational Excellence

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Solution

Many manufacturers find it hard to identify those specific losses that contribute to low machine productivity as they are difficult to identify, record, and analyze, so manufacturers are looking for support in making the move toward smart factory transformation. To realize Industry 4.0 does not have to necessitate a major infrastructure overhaul that costs a lot of money. With Advantech’s iFactory Solution Ready Package (SRP) that combines hardware and software into integrated industrial applications, manufacturers can adopt a step-wise approach to realizing their intelligent factory. For system integrators, iFactory SRP provides a cost-effective approach to expediting project development with value-added applications that meet the criteria of Industry 4.0.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution, one of the most vital iFactory SRPs, realizes intelligent factory through data acquisition, aggregation, and analysis of machine availability to improve productivity, reduce loss, and increase profit.

System Architecture

OEE Dashboards

Availability Analysis by Shift

Managers can configure the shifts of each production line in the back office, and then check cross-shift performance analysis and comparison.

Visualize Machine and Production Line Performance in Real Time

Flexible setup with grouping and code mapping features to enable detailed visualization and analysis of machine performance.

Single Machine Information

Users can set up the benchmark of OEE score for each production line or machine in the back office. The scores that failed to meet the standard will be recorded and alarmed for the manager to track progress and improve abnormal problems.

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