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Intelligent Factory Solutions and The Future is Now with Industry 4.0!

Eforel Magazine - Industry 4.0

Eforel Provided Real-Time Monitoring and OEE Analysis to a Global Zipper Brand

Real-time Monitoring

Eforel Provided Canned Tuna Factory Takes the First Steps into Industry 4.0

Pump Station Monitoring System

Eforel Real-Time Pump Station Monitoring System Improves Efficiency

Smart Factory for Industry 4.0

Penerapan Energy Management System pada Perusahaan Resleting Global

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Manufacturers today are seeking efficiencies in production, and the way to transform their business through Industry 4.0. To realize Industry 4.0 does not have to necessitate a major infrastructure overhaul that costs a lot of money. Intelligent factory solutions have the ability to connect and extract data even from unconnected legacy systems, and compute and visualize the data for intelligent management and data-driven digital transformation!