Factory Energy Management
FEMS Solution

Centralized Monitoring and Data Management for Energy Efficiency Optimization

Factory Energy Management Solution

In today’s harsh economic climate, most manufacturers are seeking ways to save cost. Best-in-class manufacturers are already road mapping plant strategies to implement energy management in the factory for decreasing energy consumption per unit production. For this Factory Energy Management Solution (FEMS), Advantech’s iFactory Solution Ready Package (SRP) integrates hardware and software within industrial applications where typically a 7-10% energy saving can be achieved in facilities, compared to where FEMS SRP is not used. Based on real-time data obtained from smart meters, FEMS SRP allows users to monitor energy consumption information, accurately evaluate energy costs, and optimize energy efficiency, aiding business intelligence strategies for energy management.

System Architecture

OEE Dashboards

Energy Consumption Overview

Dashboards present energy consumption of the plant for users to monitor consumption as well as the cumulative value of usage for any month. It also compares energy consumption over the same period for the past three years to monitor short-term changes or identify long-term trends

Sectoral Energy Consumption Trends

Energy consumption types: water, gas, oil and electricity. Then select the energy consumption sub-items to be counted. The upper right corner can select a time interval to facilitate the comparison of energy consumption trends between departments.

Departmental Evaluation Analysis

This is a useful dashboard to review each department and unit for avoiding waste and improving energy efficiency for better energy management.

Video Introduction


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